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The most important thing to me when a loved one is in need of a post-acute facility is a caring, competent staff. Our experience was that the administration (especially Lynette) was fantastic. The nursing staff was so wonderful (shout out to Erik and Tay, who I had the most interaction with… but the rest of the staff were so wonderful). The therapists are knowledgeable and do a good job. Is it a vacation at the Ritz Carlton? no. Because at the Ritz, they wouldn’t provide the difficult kind of care post-acute patients need. No place is “perfect” in a situation like this, because “perfect” would be not having to go to a post-acute. But if you want a place where the staff works incredibly hard and cares, and your loved one is safe and in good hands, Pacific Post Acute is a good choice. Thank you Pacific Post Acute.

Tina M.

5-Star, Google Review

Pacific Post Acute’s staff is wonderful. In a stressful time for our family, they delivered compassionate, competent care. Our experience was very positive and my mother didn’t want to leave when it was time to be discharged. No one likes to be in the difficult situation of having to go to a post acute facility, but Pacific Post Acute was there for us in a big way.

Tina M.

5-Star, Yelp Review

Physical therapy and occupational therapy are very good. They are very trained. They help me a lot. Nurse Alba is very kind and professional and advised me well. I had a good experience here. Lynette is very helpful. I had some trouble with my bed. Parking is on the street. The food was very good, I lost 8 pounds in 1 month.

Salim Z.

4-Star, Google Review

This facility is spotless, smells fresh, and has excellent staff. I’m a nurse and my beloved grandmother had a hip injury and ended up here for rehab. The staff really care about their patients. They’ll get them up every single day and dress them for success. It’s a privilege to go visit my grandma because I know she’s in good hands and she loves it here. Not to mention they specialize in dementia patients. I interact with Lynette, Debbie, and Elizabeth they love what they do and it shows. I’m thankful for their kindness and top-notch level of care. And Jarron is the chef of the year. He cooks with love and knows all the patients by name and their special preferences for food. Thank you all!

Leah A.

5-Star, Google Review

The Facility and especially the Staff are excellent. This is the first time any close family member of mine has needed a Skilled Nursing so I was uncomfortable and unsure of what the place was going to be like for my Father, 81 years old. From the Nurses, Assistants, PT, OT, Speech Therapists, Social Services, and everyone I forget to name, they were all so caring and truly worked hard to encourage him to take his meds regularly, go to therapy, and eat good hearty healthy food. In 2 weeks he gained a needed 10 lbs and learned how to use a cane. Many thanks to everyone. This was the best choice for my family and I hope it will be for yours too.

Robert R.

5-Star, Yelp Review

Nurses are very attentive to Residents they are prompt, polite and courteous. Social activities encouraging community during the pandemic have been very helpful along with FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom video visits with family members. In short this is a great and caring environment for your short term and long term care needs for your loved one.

Lisa V.

Google Review

My grandmother has been to multiple facilities which included both great and difficult experiences. We were referred to this location by a family friend, and have been pleased with the professionalism and care that has been provided to our family member. My grandmother has been happy with the staff which in return validates that we made the right decision choosing this location. We feel at peace knowing that she is getting the proper attention and care that she requires.

V U.

Yelp Review

My sister in law discharged from Pacific Post Acute earlier today after being there for about 3 weeks for rehab. She was a bit scared to leave because of what a great job they did. The therapy and nursing team worked miracles with her and we all feel like she’s now ready to come home. They gave her the tools to be successful and even helped train us a bit to make sure we can help. The staff was always attentive to her needs, even while busy. She was there during a transition with administrative staff, and she fell in love with the new guy because of how friendly he was in making sure she was ok and happy.

Samantha W.

Google Review

I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the facility, administrators, Drs,  P.T. Dept. Staff, Adjunct Staff, Nurses, CNAS housekeeping and custodial staff. Pacific is a small facility. It is homey and many languages are spoken. The atmosphere is warm and the staff inviting and always helpful. Pacific is by
far the best Care Facility in which I have chosen through word of mouth to  recover. From Stephanie in Admissions to Rachne who will fulfill any special need you may have. Kel, Kevin, Edwin, Kyle LVNs Jonathan,, Francesca, Amber, Nora, CNAs, Tom, Carmen, Liz, Liza, Daniel, Lin, Lisa, PTs., Carlos, Maintenance and Lupita, Housekeeping you will be served with utmost attention and care.

Judith G.

Yelp Review

Everyone here is super nice. My mom’s health is much better since she started her stay here and she is really happy with the loving care she receives here. I highly recommend this place. Thank you Daniel, Hailey, James, Tanya and everyone else here.

Marc R.

Google Review

I was released two days ago from Pacific Convalescent Hospital following surgery at UCLA Santa Monica. I will admit I was in a great deal of pain and all I wanted to do was go home but I was not ready to go home alone. But the care I received there prepared me to go home and I am doing very well!!  

Doctor Garcia and her team of nurses, healthcare providers and physical therapy team put me back on my feet. Once I was permitted real food following a clear liquid diet and then a pureed diet, the food was really very good!  

I am sure, if the necessity ever arises again, I would return to Pacific Convalescent Hospital without a moments hesitation. They are a great team of healthcare professionals, and I sincerely thank them for the weeks of care they provided me!

Drea C.

Yelp Review

What an awesome group of health care professionals! The CNA’s,like Gloria and Abena,  the physical therapists,occupational therapists, speech therapists, like Daniel, Tom, Elizabeth, the director James, the nurses like Kevin, Salima and Garett, the activities coordinator,Esperanza,  the accountant,MaLou, the receptionist, Stephanie,the doctor assigned to the facility Dr. Garcia, were all caring, helpful individuals. Everyone there went out of their way to make my mother feel comfortable. They all watched out for her, treated her with kindness, love and respect.

Kathy V.

Yelp Review

I have seen and visited other facilities in the past, and am thankful we were able to have both my mom and grandma at Pacific Post Acute. Having a loved one in a facility is never ideal, and while seeing several sick and frail patients can be jarring, I feel as thought Pacific Post Acute does the best in comparison to all facilities I’ve seen before. The fact that they are small is also a huge plus.  Most of the issues we raised were addressed and resolved in a timely manner. The majority of the staff was great with my mom and grandma. Some of the nurses and CNAs became like family after several months of having my mom and grandma placed there. Kevin and Garret were the best nurses, and the CNAs (Salima stands out the most, with her goofy jokes and caring ways) were always concerned with their well-being. It’s not an easy job, but you can tell which folks are there because they care about the patients. I also loved that they had several people arranging activities for the residents. Activities I also participated while visiting, and felt they were entertaining and not as forced as other places. Additionally, the patio area was a great amenity. It was nice to be able to roll them out to a tranquil space with fresh air.

Andrea I.

Yelp Review

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